A 5K run , and people from 79 cities & 24 countries to run and walk a 5k on the same day, a great idea so i join this !

First i had no idea  how to run it, i mean i like to make something cool .Maybe a cool forest run? Or a run just in underwear? or with a bag-pack? i mean im a traveler so it´s my style .After a Week i get to know about something great , a 5 K competition .Im not a runner and i do not have experiences on 5 k but maybe im better than i thing and i do the 5k in a good time , so i sign  up  for it.

The competition was in Oberhausen / NRW / Germany .It was a 400m Stadium and everybody there was in love with running , just me not sooo much :D:D

First the young one start to run , than the teen and than we the people over 20.The warm weather was nice but it makes it difficult to breath.I run and run and run  , and the time go so slowly. i just see that i run 1from 12,5 rounds , 2 from 12,5 ,3,4,5……. and it feels like never ending .The sweat flow all over my body and it was more and more difficult to take breath . And than, like over ages THE FINISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a for me good time : 21:31,19 min

A kind of my personal record 😉

I wait for the next Automatic 5K run and than i try to run a time under 20min;)


my certificate

Pictures of me follow soon 😉

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